5 Ways to Put a Healthy Creative Twist on School Lunches

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5 Ways to Put a Healthy Creative Twist on School Lunches

As the new school year approaches so do brown paper bag lunches. Sometimes it can be a bit daunting trying to figure out what healthy choices to put inside your child’s lunch box. In general, healthy school meals matter. Children that lack proper nutrition tend to have trouble focusing in school. In contrast, the children that do eat nutritious meals every day while staying active tend to excel. Listed below are 5 healthy creative ideas for your child’s lunch box. Using grass fed meat or organic ingredients in their lunch will make it the healthiest option possible.



#1: DIY Pizza LunchFamily Fresh Meals 

Most children reach for the artificially flavored Lunchables while in the grocery store. But, this simple lunch idea allows you to choose healthy whole food ingredients. It consists of a multigrain sandwich thin, turkey pepperoni, pizza sauce and shredded cheese. You can get really creative subbing in healthier ingredients for other packaged Lunchables.


#2: Healthy Snacks – Easter EggsNeat 2 Eat 

This is a great way to make your healthy lunch snacks fun. Find or save a few plastic Easter eggs and put in some healthy fruit or veggies. It will be a colorful fun surprise. Some examples of healthy snack brands you can include inside are Annie’s Homegrown Snacks or Good Health popcorn.


#3: Peanut Butter Banana Roll Upsclick for directions

Get creative and put a twist on the classic pb & j sandwich! This can also be a great after school snack if you don’t include it in the lunch box.

2 Bananas
1/4 cup Peanut Butter – Teddy Organic PB 
1 tbsp Honey – organic 
1/4 cup Granola – Nature’s Path Organic Granola 
2 Multigrain Tortillas – Rudi’s Organic multigrain wraps 


#4: DIY TacosKeeley Mcguire 

It can make life a little easier when you have leftovers to use in your child’s lunch. This DIY taco recipe calls for leftover taco meat (grass fed is best), shredded cheese, corn tortilla chips (Late July Organic Chips), and some cherub tomatoes. Add a side of fruit and veggies to make it a balanced lunch! You can get creative with other dinner leftovers.


#5: Sandwich Spirals – IPackLunch 

Instead of including a boring flat sandwich you can include sandwich spirals! You can get creative with what you include in the sandwich. It can range from the classic ham and cheese or peanut butter and jelly. Include healthy snacks to balance the meal out. There are a few methods to creating the spiral : How to Make Sandwich Spirals.


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