Creative Coaching

Creative coaching can help you move toward a more fulfilling creative life, whether that be in visual arts, performing arts, music, movement, dance, creative writing, creative business or hobby, or just your everyday engagement in the world.


Who is Creative Coaching for?

Creative coaching is for you if:

-You have great ideas for: a book, a business, a  project,

-You know where and how to start but can’t seem to take the first step or get motivated.

-you start with great excitement and quickly lose enthusiasm

– you somehow sabotage yourself every time you get close to something you want to do

-you feel like you’re on autopilot in your daily life

-you’re sick of working hard but not feeling satisfied with your life

-you feel like the day goes by without feeling alive or excited about something

-you feel like you need a new hobby but don’t know what you might like to do

-you feel isolated as an artist or creator and want to find ways to collaborate or become more integrated in a creative community

-you want to sell your craft or art but are worried about “selling out” or are not sure how

-you’re stuck!

What is a typical session like?

A typical session typically starts with you imaging what your best, creative self looks like. You may have a clear idea, or maybe your vision is pretty fuzzy. By identifying your strengths and obstacles, we can help you take action to work toward your vision. Your coach will guide you to get to the core of what is holding you back and how you can move past it. Discussion will be paired with individualized assignments to encourage creative growth and may include journaling,sketching, sand tray exploration, or other creative experimentation exercises.


What can I expect from this process?

Increased confidence

Increased resilience to criticism

Increased awareness about your creative process

Increased self-efficacy

Individualized problem solving strategies

Skills to overcome creative blocks or stalls

Honoring your own investigative and information gathering phases of creativity

Increased sense of connection and purpose

A more balanced life with time for your creative passions


Heidi is absolutely wonderful to work with!  Through her fun and supportive style of coaching, she pushed me to explore new artistic outlets and build connections which helped me get past a real slump in my life.  Together we developed realistic goals for a series of projects I wanted to tackle but was finding difficult to get off the ground.  Her enthusiasm for her work inspires me everyday to follow through with my ideas and to integrate creative expression into my plan for a well-lived life!    Charlene N.- Arlington