Creative Instruction

Do you have a great idea but need to develop the raw skills to make it happen?

Are you looking to develop your skills in a specific medium or want to learn a new medium all together?

Do you not have the time or consistent schedule to take a formal class?

Are you taking a class but looking for more in-depth study, practice, and instruction for a more in-depth experience?

Private instruction may be for you and is available for adults and youths.¬†An individualized curriculum will be developed and continually amended according to your interests, progress, or ¬†desire for deeper learning. You will be assigned work to complete at home between sessions, readings, and research designed to help you move forward in a steady, approachable, and exciting way. You may start off wanting to gain more skills in creative writing and end up wanting to write and illustrate a children’s book! The possibilities are endless and you are tied only to your own motivation, not to a set curriculum or other’s learning pace.

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