DIY Workshops are back!

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DIY Workshops are back!

After three months of planning, my newbie husband and I had a beautiful wedding on October 25th! Being in our late thirties, we didn’t want to spend a year planning a wedding so we went to town DIY’ing and got it done. We were floored by the help we had from our friends and family and it went off without a hitch!

Just when we thought things were going to settle down, we were lucky enough to find a house in Melrose and will be packing and moving this month! We are incredibly excited but have a lot to do, not to mention all of the projects we want to start in the new home.

With all this DIY’ing in the air and the holidays quickly approaching, I am also thinking about restocking my homemade organic products and squeezing in an Organic Body Products Workshop before Thanksgiving!

These products make useful, personal, and healthy gifts and are a ton of fun to make, so roll up your sleeves, grab a friend, and enjoy a Saturday morning class on November 21st!

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