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General Q and A:

What is the name “Re-create” all about?

I named the business “Re-create” because it is about taking what is already working in your life and making it healthier and more fulfilling. We all have things that we are doing, or trying to do, to help us feel better. Re-create uses those building blocks to create a foundation to put those ideas into practice and secure them as habits.  We also encourage you to fill your life with people, activities, and passions that make you feel happy and alive.  Illness stems from many things but can be strongly linked to isolation, boredom, loneliness, and dissatisfaction. Who wants to exercise and try to eat healthier when you feel crappy? When you feel good, are valued in your community (whatever that may mean to you), and are doing things you love, it becomes a lot easier to walk away from the brownie tray.

How does Re-create combine creativity and wellness?

Re-create encourages using your creativity to make your life the healthiest and most fulfilling it can be. This could be by doing something like making your own organic body products, doing a dance workout in your living room, or cooking interesting meals for your family. By thinking about wellness holistically, slowing down, and challenging our habits, we can even enjoy the things that feel like work.


Do I have to be a creative person to get something out of Re-create?

Not at all..but I bet you are! I think people often equate creativity with artistic talent and that couldn’t be further from the truth. We express creativity is so many ways. It could be cooking food, playing with our children, witty conversation, or how we design our home. Re-create is about helping you make time for what makes you feel alive, connected, and that you are contributing in a way that feels authentic.

Do you have a studio location?

Re-create currently operates remotely. We visit people in their homes, at a local cafe, or outdoors. Our workshops are held as pop-ups at various locations in Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, and Melrose. We are planning on opening a studio location in the future to offer more workshops, after-school programs, and small group exercise classes.


Fitness and Wellness Coaching Q and A:

Can I combine fitness and wellness coaching at re-create?

Yes you can! Wellness coaching is a crucial part of reaching your fitness and health goals and it ensures that you are staying on track. We want to be sure that your trainer and coach are providing the best support that we can, and that your goals are still relevant. Wellness coaching is included with our personal training packages and you will meet with your coach every 2 weeks in the beginning, and then once a month as you progress.

What are the benefits of wellness coaching?

Where fitness is all about the body, coaching is all about the mind. Once we figure out what is holding you back, why you may run into the same pitfalls over and over, and what your ideal vision of your “well”self is, we can actively work toward those goals using specific strategies that work for you. A lot of the skills you learn with coaching carry over to other areas of your life. You will find you have a better understanding of yourself in general and how to be the most successful you can be at reaching your goals.

What type of clients do you take for your wellness & fitness sessions?

We take clients with all kinds of fitness and health goals. Some of our client’s goals are major weight loss, decreased fall risk, increased core strength, increased cardiovascular ability, and increased mobility.

I have an injury; will I still be able to complete a fitness session?

Our trainers are educated and skilled at making adaptations for injuries as well as targeting the muscles and positions that will decrease your pain. We will help you strengthen and stretch to allow your body to balance and realign. For instance, if you are feeling pain in your knees, we may modify a squat to a wall sit with the weight pushed through the heels. Doing an exercise properly can often eliminate joint soreness. If an injury is acute and needs rest, we will make accommodations for that as well. Our goal is to help you toward your fitness goals, and sometimes that means rest and ice, or maybe focusing on other muscle groups while your injury heals.

I don’t have a lot of equipment in my home, is that an issue?

Not at all! Most of our clients work out in their living room! We push the coffee table to the side, roll out a mat, and off we go! Our trainers may bring a TRX, resistance bands, balance disks, medicine balls, agility ladders, or many other tools for making the most of your space. Plus, you have your body weight!

What locations can accommodate a fitness session?

A session can be done almost anywhere. It can be done in your home or at the park down the street. We work with a lot of clients at playgrounds when the weather is nice. We can use the bars for pull-ups, steps for jumps, or throw the TRX over the swing set. Instant gym!

Can a trainer come with me to my gym?

Most gyms have strict rules against outside trainers as many of them offer personal training internally and may have insurance restrictions. In my experience, Planet Fitness and Gold’s Gym seem to be open to outside trainers.

Can I train with my significant other or a friend?

Absolutely! Re-create encourages pair and small group training. Our trainers are skilled at making adaptations for different fitness levels, watching form for multiple people, and helping you motivate each other.

Workshop Q and A:

Do I have to be experienced in making body products to take one of your workshops?

Absolutely not! The workshop is designed to inform you about the basic ingredients you need to make your own products as well as the ones to avoid, simple techniques to compete them, and how to use your finished products.

What age group can partake in the re-create workshops?

Making body products is easy and fun and all ages are welcome. Even children 6 and up can come with an adult for a workshop.

Do I have to take the classes in any particular order?

No. You can take Body products II without taking Body Products I. They are just different products. You can take any of the other classes in any order you would like!

Where can I buy some of the products I made in today’s workshop?

Re-create’s product line “clean” will be available soon through our web store. Custom orders are also accommodated. Send us an email if you have a request!

Are the plastic bottles used during the workshops BPA free?

Yes! We use BPA free bottles and glass containers for the workshop ingredients. We encourage you to re-use and recycle your packaging.

Are there gluten free and vegan products available?

Yes! The only animal products we use are beeswax and honey and those are labeled as such. We do offer many vegan products that use an alternative plant wax and all of our products are gluten-free.


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