In-Home Personal Training

What is Re-create’s Personal Training Program?

     Re-create’s personal training program addresses all aspects of wellness while keeping a focus on exercise. Our personal trainers are certified and experienced professionals who are committed to guiding you to achieve improved movement, nutrition, and overall health. Working with your individual goals and lifestyle, our trainers help you make small, reasonable changes to move you forward on your path to improved well-being. We work in-home to help you balance your busy life while moving toward a more fit and balanced self.

What personal training services do we offer?

      We offer a variety of services including In-Home Personal Training, PNF stretching, Cardiovascular training, Post -Physical Therapy Injury Management, Exercise for Controlled Diseases, Group Training, Boot Camp, Nutritional Guidance, Outdoor Training, Fitness Assessments, and Web Training.

      Re-create’s personal trainers can help you improve your quality of life by increasing your energy and confidence.  We will set and achieve small, short-term goals allowing you to progress to long-term, manageable, life changes. Through consistency and problem solving, we will target your strengths and balance your weaknesses to ensure long-term success, and teach you how to work with your own body. Our goal is to give you the confidence, knowledge, skills, and strategies you will need for life-long health.

     The trainers keep individual attention as our priority, modifying our practice to fit your unique concerns, injuries, and goals. Each client receives his or her own binder with custom workouts, pertinent articles, nutrition plans, and stretching routines which we consistently update as you progress.

What makes us different? 

     Re-create has a holistic approach to fitness. We realize that the time we are with you is a small portion of your week, and even your day. Real change comes from strategizing and arming you with the tools to succeed while you are facing your biggest challenges. We understand that feeling well is a combination of eating healthfully, exercising properly, getting enough rest, and making time for your own passions and creativity. Considering all the aspects of wellness is key to long-term success.

     We take a boutique approach to training and keep a small client load. Re-create professionals want to give you their best and provide you with the most comprehensive care. We are available 24/7 for questions regarding your workouts or just an encouraging text when you may be facing a challenge. We build real relationships with our clients and have a long-standing record of consistency.

 Where are we Located?

     Re-create trainers work remotely with clients in their home, office, or outdoor location.  We come to you and bring the necessary equipment to get you to your desired goals. Whether you have a mat in your living room or a gym in your condo complex, we can create a customized workout for you.

     In-home training is great for beginners who feel intimidated or uncomfortable in the gym, on-the-go professionals who just don’t have the time to travel, moms who want to  keep an eye on their little ones, or anyone who enjoys the privacy and comfort of home training. A  focus on functional exercises gets the most out of your session, infusing cardio intervals with strength and toning exercises. You’ll never look at your stairs or couch the same way again!

     We serve the greater Boston Area including Cambridge, Boston, Charlestown, Somerville, Brookline, Newton, Needham, Wellesley, Weston, Arlington, Lexington, Lincoln, and surrounding areas.


Photos by Rebecca Rose 2015